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There are many things I’m thankful in this world. One of these is that special kind of friend who gives my yarn addiction a “no restriction” sort of support. I am not sure that I would be as in love with these crafts and I am if I didn’t have someone to go along with me and share my excitement. A few weeks ago CraftingChrissy (aka my awesome cousin Chrissy) and I made the trek to our LYS in Lawrence, KS. Otherwise known as “Yarn Mecca”, the Yarn Barn of Kansas is a bit of a drive but worth every minute in the car. They are stocked full of whatever you need for knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, and I’m sure other things I don’t even know exist, yet! While waiting for our yarn to be wound I found myself distracted by the looms. I asked a million questions about how they worked and the staff patiently answered every one of them and suggested taking a class to learn more. The new schedule wasn’t posted but I signed up to be notified when it was.

Well, Wednesday afternoon I received an email with their new class schedule which started that weekend so I texted Chrissy to see if she was free. Literally, that was all I asked. Upon hearing she was not otherwise engaged I signed us both up for the class and informed her she now had plans. Did I mention I have an awesome cousin? I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I thought it would be something I’d like to learn but you can’t do a lot with weaving so I wouldn’t actually want to use it. I couldn’t be more wrong.


We spent most of the first day doing the math for each of our scarves and learning about how a loom is setup. Mary Margaret was our wonderful instructor. I loved that she had each of us do our own variation of the striped scarf so every one was custom and unique. Chrissy made her scarf in a bright blue and pink combination with small pink stripes.

IMG_1905Getting our yarn strung onto the loom was quite the process! It took two people and certainly counted as our exercise for the day. I am told it gets easier as you do it more.

IMG_1908We left off the first day right after finishing our pattern work, loosened the looms and left them sitting over night.

IMG_1922Begin day 2. We worked diligently through the morning and I ended up switching my weft yarn from purple to yellow at the half way point so I didn’t run out before I got to the end. It was a striking decision and I’m glad I did it. After I took my scarf off the loom I put it in a nice Eucalan wool wash and let it dry. Afterwards it was time to snip off the ends. Get this, you don’t have to weave your ends when you are finished because you already did it!!! I know my knitters and crocheters out there are doing a little jealousy dance.

Finished Product

After all of that, I have been wearing the finished product out and about for the last few days. It is wonderfully lightweight and incredibly warm. I am hooked!

If you are interested in the measurements of the pattern or the yarns I used check this project out on my Ravelry Project page.



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