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I hope that everyone had a wonderful, family-filled holiday season. I have to say that I certainly did. My husband and I drove out to Knightstown, IN to visit my Mother-in-law and her husband. They own the Jellystone Campground out there so in the winter with the park closed I find the place very peaceful. We try to get out and take a walk through the campground and the surrounding woods when we visit. I love it best when everything is blanketed in snow and the grounds shimmer with a pristine radiance. The lake is frozen over and the sunsets cast the most beautiful colors over the ice. While this year did not deliver that winter wonderland for Christmas, it did deliver some much needed time with my in-laws.

I was blessed to receive many wonderful things this year for Christmas. I may have to quietly admit that my favorite gift was a trip with my family to the Trading Post for Fiber Arts in Plymouth, IN. The four of us (my husband, his mother, her husband and myself) all embarked on a journey that took us several miles into the country across dirt road after dirt road. The car starts to slow and I look out the window to see Alpacas roaming a large fenced in area. They are inquisitive and watch us closely as we pull up the driveway. Waiting for us at our car were two cats and three fluffy and extremely loving dogs.

My mother-in-law entered first so she could see my expression as I entered this store. Immediately my eyes lit up and my mouth dropped as I took in the overwhelming selection of Fiber. We spent an hour in this shop and I was still finding things on the way out that I hadn’t seen while digging. There was a large selection of Alpaca from the animals they raise at the Trading Post. I also had the pleasure of meeting Kate Larson who was working the shop that day. She raises Border Leicester and there was a large amount of natural fiber from her sheep. She also wrote a great article in the Winter 2014 SpinOff magazine about Leicesters that I think everyone who is interested in sheep should read. Finally, they have a large selection from hand dyers including Crosspatch Creations, Abstract Fiber and Frabjous Fibers. I’ll give you a little eye candy of my new stash.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these acquisitions check them out in my stash on Ravelry.

Poppies color way by Abstract Fiber
I loved the vibrant colors in the Poppies color way.
11 small rovings of BFL & silk
11 different colors of this BFL and silk. I plan to spin it one after another and navajo ply to get a beautiful variegated yarn.
8 oz of Polwarth in Green with Envy Colorway by Frabjous Fibers
8 oz of Polwarth in deep greens, teals and magenta
Black & Grey Huacaya Alpaca
4 oz of alpaca roving from the Trading Post. I would like to know which lovely Alpaca donated this fiber.
Green fiber with pink and white flecks
Another closeup of the Crosspatch Creations custom color way created for the Trading Post.
Dark Pink streaks with Yellow, pink and green fiber in the background4
Crosspatch Creations custom color way created for the Trading Post.
Crosspatch Creations custom color way created for the Trading Post.


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