A Glimpse of the Future – 2015 Goals

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2015…What do you have in store for me? Will I allow it to be just another year…Or will I wrestle it into something that I am proud of? If those are my only choices I think it is easy to pick. I will admit that in the past i have allowed time to pass just for the sake of passing. I have missed opportunities because I forgot to be looking for them. I finally feel like I am starting to see the vision I have for my future and it would be nice to work towards it.

But what was the point of this post again? Oh yes, what will I do with 2015. This year I’d like to push myself in crochet to do things I haven’t done before. I specifically had in mind trying to do a garment that requires fitting, sleeves, and other items I haven’t attempted. I want to have a wide variety of experience in my crafts and I feel that not having really attempted clothing is a large gap in my skill set.

I am hoping to further my skills in both knitting and spinning. I picked up spinning just over a year ago and I have loved it a lot. I finished 7 skeins of yarn in my first year with my wheel. Since I am having some mechanical issues with it (read: it is making squealing noises) I have pulled my drop spindle back out and am falling in love with that all over again. I want to challenge myself this year to become more familiar with the various breeds of fiber, their strengths and weaknesses and what type of project they would be used in. I want to learn more about this craft and I challenge myself to learn about a new breed each month. When possible, I’d like to work on a project using that breed during the month so I can associate those studies with the feel of spinning that fiber. I am proposing of myself a stretch challenge to complete 12 skeins of yarn this year, 1 for every month.

Knitting is something my Mom tried to teach me when I was around 7 but my tension was like that string tied taut around a ham. Getting a needle in the loop was a nightmare and I never managed to find it relaxing. I am trying to re-learn this skill and am going to push myself this year to complete 2 knitted projects. They can be as big or small as I decide when I am ready to do them. I am hoping one is a pair of socks. Anyone who knows me has heard me wax poetic about wanting to make socks for myself, and yes, I do apologize for yet another mention of it.

Goals for 2015

Expand Crochet Skills (make a sweater)

Complete two Knitting projects

Learn about 1 new fiber breed every month

BONUS -Spin 1 skein of yarn each month with new fiber

Stop neglecting the poor blog

Lastly, I cannot forget about you, the lovely readers of my blog. Last year I went through the effort of moving my blog to its own domain name so I’d have the control over the layout and how everything looks. After coming to terms with the fact that it was much harder than I anticipated I relented and landed on what I have today. That aside, I had hoped this move would keep me blogging but it had the opposite effect. After spending all that time porting the content and redesigning the pages over and over I was tired of seeing my blog. This year I intend to be better about keeping up with my posting. I’ll piggyback on my goal to educate myself about different sheep breeds and I will also educate you, don’t you feel lucky! The last two months I’ve been much better about keeping my Ravelry projects up to date. Most of those have not made it out to the blog but several have stories I’d love to share. This year if I don’t have a good FO to talk about each month I will pull one out of the historical projects, dust off the cobwebs and tell you everything you wished I’d be quiet about.

Every girl has to have some kind of vice and mine just happens to be yarn. I look forward to where this year is going to take me and what adventures we will have together.Here is to new challenges in a new year. May they push us to be more than what we are today.

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